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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

VW P3801

VolksWagon Check Engine Light Code "19537 4C51 P3081 Engine temperature too low" That DTC is indicative of a missing thermostat, a stuck open thermostat, or a cooling system with 100% antifreeze. It is NOT associated with a defective ECT G62. When the coolant temperature is too low, that does not necessarily mean a sensor failure. Sounds like the sensor is telling you the truth. Watch the temperature on the scan tool as the engine warms up. Look for things that keep it from warming up. Things like radiator fans on all the time, straight anti-freeze, stuck open thermostat and so on. That is what it means. It means a system problem, not necessarily a component failure. More....

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  1. Hi i have a golf 5 R32, and lately at startups the electro-mechanical power steering light goes on. after a number of startups the light goes off and power steering is back. This light does not appear while driving but only at startups. everything else in car is working fine and it doesnt seem like battery is low. I have a feeling theres somthing wrong with the steering rack. Can that be the problem? can u please help me? and would replacing a steering rack come under warranty? thanks