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Friday, March 23, 2007

Turns Over But Won't Start

Your running late for work, run out to jump in the car only to hear the engine cranking constantly and Not Starting.....

Once you have calmed down and decided you want to try and narrow down what might be causing the issue , resort to the basics. There are Four things that are required to make an engine run.

  1. Spark - Ignition Spark is needed to ignite the fuel
  2. Fuel - self explainitory
  3. Compression - If there is no compression , the fuel will not burn properly
  4. Timing - you need the first three items all at the right time

If you have Spark, try spraying starting fluid in the engine.. if it runs, consentrate on diagnosing the fuel system.

If you fuel but No Spark, consentrate on diagnosing the ignition system

If you have Spark and Fuel , perform a compression test and check you timing.. you may have a broken timing belt or blown head gasket

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