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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Scan Tool Codes | Trouble Codes

Here is how to scan for codes without a Scan Tool. Follow the Links below to the right category and follow the instructions. '92 - '95 Honda OBD I Codes '91 - '93 Saturn OBD I Codes '93 - '95 Ford Probe OBD I Codes GM OBD I Codes Ford OBD I Codes Chrysler OBD I Codes Full list of OBD II OBD II Tuner Codes Hyundai Specific Codes Isuzu Specific Codes V W Specific Codes OBD II Codes require a Scan Tool , Once you have the code you can refer to the list below for a description of each code. P0100 - P0199 P0200 - P0299 P0300 - P0399 P0400 - P0499 P0500 - P0599 P0600 - P0699 P0700 - P0799 P0800 - P0899 P0900 - P0999 P1000 - P1099 P1100 - P1199 P1200 - P1299 P1300 - P1399 P1400 - P1499 P1500 - P1599 P1600 - P1699 P1700 - P1799 P1800 - P1899 P2000 - P3000

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