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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Anti-freeze - Which one is right for you?

Anti-freeze : Antifreeze is used in internal combustion engines, and for many other heat transfer applications, such as electronics cooling and chillers for HVAC. Compounds are added to water to reduce the freezing point of the mixture to below the lowest temperature that the system is likely to be exposed to, and to inhibit corrosion in cooling systems which often contain a range of electrochemically incompatible metals (aluminum, cast iron, copper, lead solder, etc.).
Now we know the technical meaning , but What anti-freeze is right for your car?
There is the old style that is green in color and is used in most cars from 1996 and older. GM uses Dex-Cool which is orange in cooler on its newer vehicles. Ford uses Yellow and Honda uses red and so on.... This can be confusing at times. But remember one thing. You can not mix green with any other color or it may cause damage to the engine and other cooling/heating system components.
You should try to use like colors with the different vehicles and if it says use Dex-Cool only... then use Dex-Cool only.

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