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Monday, December 10, 2007

How do I replace a Starter on a 1991 Ford Probe ?

Use safety precautions and make certain vehicle is securely supported. STARTER REMOVAL & INSTALLATION FOR 2.2 L Engine 1) Disconnect the negative battery cable. Raise and support the vehicle, safely. 2) If equipped with a manual transaxle, remove the exhaust pipe bracket. 3) Remove the transaxle-to-engine bracket and intake manifold-to-engine bracket. 4) Disconnect the electrical connectors from the starter. 5) Remove the starter mounting bolts and the starter. To install: 6) Install the starter and torque the bolts to 23-34 ft. lbs. (31-46 Nm). 7) Connect the electrical connectors to the starter. 8) Install the intake manifold-to-engine bracket and tighten the bolts to 14-22 ft. lbs. (19-30 Nm). 9) If equipped with an automatic transaxle, install the transaxle-to-engine bracket and torque the bellhousing bolt to 66-86 ft. lbs. (89-117 Nm) and the 3 other mounting bolts to 27-38 ft. lbs. (37-52 Nm). 10) If equipped with a manual transaxle, install the transaxle-to-engine bracket and connect the exhaust pipe bracket. Tighten the bracket bolts to 32-45 ft. lbs. (43-61 Nm). 11) Lower the vehicle. 12) Connect the negative battery cable and check the starter for proper operation. Start Car !!!

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