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Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Mustang Wont Start After Battery Replacement

Question: I swapped out the battery and I had to pull the fuses on the horn, the wipers, the washers the fog lamp cause they not shutting off and the starter turns "I hear it" but the motor is not turning over do I need to reset something I thinking anti-theft or a computer oh and my remote doesn't do anything now yuck! gotta go to work in the morning is there a reset scenario I need to preform? Answer: To have blown so many fuses on just a battery swap , I would say you hooked it up backward or un-intentionally shorted the system. You will need to check all fuses under hood and inside the vehicle. Also, double check to make sure you still do not have the battery hooked up wrong. If it still will not start you may have melted wires when you shorted the system. This may require individual wire testing with a multi-meter and many hours at the repair shop. No quick fix or easy reset for this one.

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