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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scan Tools

A scan tool with enhanced diagnostics can save your a lot of time and worry and allow you to do most of the troubleshooting from the drivers seat. If you have a 1995 or newer vehicle, you have OBD II. But just because it's generic and the connector will plug into your car doesn't mean any scan tool will work on your car. If you have a 1998 or later European vehicle the scan tool will need a software upgrade. Another potential problem vehicles are Korean and the scan tool may need software upgrades to read them correctly. There are several brands of scan tools, each with different capabilities and options. If you decide to purchase one for your use, shop around and get the one that will serve your needs. The OTC Mind Reader for OBD I can be upgraded with an additional chip to read generic OBD II in domestic, Japanese and earlier European models (but not the newest Europeans). The Actron Scan Tool for OBD I can be updated to the same level of OBD II as the OTC Mind Reader with a plug-in cartridge (or you can buy an OBD II-only model). However the Mind Reader is an Excellant scan Tool and can be purchased online Mind Reader OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool Kit by OTC AutoXray produces a programmable scan tool. All AutoXray scan tools are designed to be upgraded electronically, from one-make OBD I coverage through the latest models. Other scan tools may be upgraded to enhanced status and beyond with new cartridges, CD-ROM or via the Internet. More....

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