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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brake lights will not turn off

While my 2002 Ford explorer xlt is running or not the brake lights remain on in the rear, all three. I have disconnected the battery, then connected back , lights remain on, What could be the problem.
Already Tried: disconnect battery, search for fuses, on /off alarm system,
Answer :
Your brake switch is stuck or damaged. It is located under the dash and is mounted on the brake pedal arm. More than likely , having the brake light switch replaced will fix the issue. The part can be bought at most any parts store or on line here:


  1. The cooling fan on my 2008 Crown Victoria will not turn off until the engine is turned off. The switch on the fan and the sensor on the engine block have been replaced but that has not solved the problem. Any suggestions?

  2. During a brake check, the mechanic will inspect all four discs on your car. The mechanic will be looking for rough spots or groves in the disc. Rough spots and grooves can wear down your brake pads faster.