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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brakes Sticking

Question :
Since having new rear discs and pads on my 2002 "S" Type Jaguar I have had a problem with the brakes staying on (all 4 brakes). If I hook the pedal up with my foot then they release. I find it hard to believe that it could have suddenly developed a master cylinder problem and at £265 I don''t want to take a chance that it might be that. Is the brake pedal pushrod attached to the master cylinder or does it just rest against it? i.e. does the pedal have a return spring?
Optional Information: Late facelift model Jaguar S Type Sport 2.5 litre
Already Tried: phoned Jaguar dealer. He thinks it`s "maybe" the master cylinder.
Answer :
There is no return spring. more than likely one of the caliper hoses are twisted. This is a common occurrence that happens when doing a brake job and not being careful to double check once put back together. Since the problem was found after the brake job, that is definitely the first place I would look.

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