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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bull Riders Finals - Las Vegas

If your looking for some awesome entertainment you have got to see the the toughest sport in dirt. I know what your thinking and its not dirt track racing. I am talking about Professional Bull Riders. When the PBR World Championship title is on the line, there is nothing more spectaculaur to watch than these Professional Riders at Las Vegas, Nevada. But, you will want to get your tickets to the Professional Bull Riders early so you won't miss out on the once a year event. This port is bone shattering, literally. One man Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) has had punctured lungs in 2003 and a broken ankle held together with rods and pins in 2004 and this still didn't keep him from competing. NASCAR has got nothing on these guys. They strap in and settle down without a helmet or rollcage. Crazy or just that confident in what there doing? Guess you'll have to show up at this great event and find out for yourself. There isn't a bad seat in the whole place so I'm sure you will be as convinced as i am once you see it for yourself that Professional bull riding is truely the toughest sport in dirt. Evevt Date: November 6–9, 2008 12:00 AM PBR Finals tickets

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