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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ford Code P1633

I have a Ford ranger 2005 motor 3.0 lt came up with code p1633 what does that mean?
Optional Information: 2005 Ford Ranger 3.0 L
Already Tried: I have put the scanner and it read the P1633 what does that mean and what do I do to fix it?
P1633 Keep Alive Power Voltage Too Low (Ford)
It means that at sometime in the past the battery voltage was below specs at the PCM and set the code.The battery provides 12 volts to power everything,the car probably sat for a while and probably took a long time to start or had to be jumped off to start.... when the voltage got below 9 volts it set the code.
The code is more of a indicator for us more than anything.. the computer learns as you drive and all the code is saying is that it lost it's power to itself and can loose that learned information.
Have a shop inspect the battery for being weak or dying as well as your battery connections.. if all is fine, I wouldn't worry as my guess is the car's code was set cause it sat unused for a while


  1. getting same error fault code with my 2000 taurus wagon (3.0) ... i've changed battery .. i've given both batteries a slow (trickle) charge for a couple days ... i've reset the computer a number of times with a handheld computer code reader. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. check fuse 22 under the hood

  3. I Have a '07 Fusion and I got code P0882 and P1633. What can I do to fix these codes and what do they mean? Thanks

    1. Do u still have the codes?! I was bout to say check all your PCM fuses and if all are good then take your car to the dealer and tell them you need a computer REFLASH it cost about $120-150

  4. I have a similar code on my 2001 ranger and i have tried to erase the code but it will not clear.

  5. I have the same code P1633 on my 2003 ford f150... and the code will not clear.. Its says "low voltage" but that its the transmission speed sensor, which will also cause the speedometer to be off...

  6. I have a 2002 crown Vic and can't get rid of the p1633 code any suggestions would be great thanks in advance

  7. Where you able to resolve the code p1633.. Cause mines just went on.. Thanks any info appreciated