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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1975 Chevrolet nova 262 v8 - Engine Build

Question: On the 262 the crankshaft is a 3.10 stroke I,m thinking about building a destroked 327,350 these 1975 262s what connecting rod length would i need with 327 pistons.or 350 pistons,this would be a high winding motor because its right between a 283 and a 327 right should rev up quick thank you , I appriciate your advice. This would be sporting a high lift roller cam,single plane intake,and an autolite 4 bbl carb. Answer: A 283 crank in a 327 or 350 block is a 302 ci engine. Some of the old camaro's came with them (RS SS 302) this would definitely be a hi rev engine. Use a steel crank and its good for 10,000 rpm . You can do this with the 283 crank, and rods and 350 pistons (4.00 bore) with either 350 OR 327 block. I recommend the 327 block as it is thicker in the water jackets which makes it stronger.

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  1. haha, nice car, and your blog are nice too