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Friday, February 22, 2008

2001 Santa Fe - Window Problem

Question: I need to repair the driver side window of my 2001 Santa Fe. It pitches forward when I try to put the window down. Where can I go to get instructions and hopefully pictures to go with them? I drove it over to the repair shop. They said, "yup, it's broke. Motor is fine. It's gonna be expensive." Answer: There are six screws holding the door panel in place: -- one in the inside door handle bezel-- remove the bezel -- one in the pull grip -- two in the front of the door panel -- two in the rear of the door panel. If you indeed have all these screws and the bezel removed, then the panel should snap loose from the door. It'll also be to your benefit to remove the triangular trim inside the mirror. It may require significant effort to get the door panel loose; the retaining clips are sometimes quite stubborn. Pull loose from the bottom first. Once the panel is loose, you'll need to slide it up and off the window sill. Once you've got the door panel off, check to see if the screws attaching the window glass to the regulator have come loose or out. This is the most frequent issue. The retaining clips are around the outer edges at the sides and bottom. You can usually slide your hand between the panel and the door enough to locate them by feel, they are plastic, and about the size of a pencil in diameter. I slide the clips between my four fingers so the clip is between them than pull.

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