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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Automotive Repair Maintenance - Important ?

When a car problem occurs, the first step is to trouble shoot the related system. Then, perform simple tests that can lead you to the cause of the malfunction and the repairs needed to correct the problem. This is all well and good, but what about some Maintenance ahead of time to keep this form happening in the first place. Unfortunately for the consumer the manufacturers try to mislead you into thinking all you need is a simple oil change every now and again and it will run like new for 100,000 miles. That is just not true. If you read the fine print on the warranty you will see that bumper to bumper is just a phrase. It does not cover any wearable parts such as brake pads, light bulbs, air filters, fuel filters, tires, etc. You know the maintenance items that should be taken care of. Here is a list of the Top Ten most important maintenance items not including oil changes:
  1. Battery - number one cause of a "no start" situation
  2. Light Bulbs - Safety; it is important for others to see you
  3. Air Filter - Allows the engine to breath and has a direct affect on fuel mileage*
  4. Fuel Filter - Removes impurities from the fuel to keep injectors from clogging up
  5. Transmission Filter - Should be replaced every 30,000 miles
  6. Brakes - Safety; nice to be able to stop when you need to
  7. Tires - Direct affect on stopping, steering and fuel mileage*
  8. Timing Belt - If it breaks, you might be looking a buying a new engine
  9. Coolant - Make sure it is full at every service and changed every two years
  10. Wiper Blades - Usually over looked until it is raining

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