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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can you get name brand prescriptions online?

If your like most people in the world, you will come to a point in your life that you will need to fill a drug perscription. has been online for 8 years, and only sells name brand prescription drugs. They don't sell generics, and they have guaranteed lowest prices on the internet. Now you might be a little sceptical whrn thinking about buying perscription drugs online, but these are FDA-Approved Online Prescriptions. This is the real deal. You will get $20 off the retail price of all online prescriptions ordered through their online pharmacy Refill Page after your first purchase. There award winning Customer service is available 24/7 from our always-open online pharmacy. Their physicians and pharmacists have prepared answers to the most commonly asked questions about topics on our site. If you do not see your question or topic on the list they have provided, their physicians and pharmacists are there to respond to customers' questions that are not already answered in our commonly asked questions section. Sample portion of an Article for weight loss: Until recently, a person was thought to be obese if he or she weighed at least 20% more than his or her ideal body weight. However, tables that give a person's ideal body weight based on his or her height (ideal body weight tables) are no longer commonly used by doctors. Ideal body weight tables have been replaced by the body mass index (BMI). The BMI is also based on your height and weight, but it gives a better (but not perfect) estimate than the older ideal body weight tables of whether a person has too much body fat. Many people in the United States have too much fat on their bodies. However, they may not have enough extra fat to be obese. The BMI can estimate whether you have a healthy weight, are overweight, or are so overweight that you are obese.

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