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Monday, February 25, 2008

power windows

Question: I''m having a problem with my power windows. They stopped working and after pushing the buttons a number of times they started working again. A week or so later they stopped working and now I still can''t get them to work. I need to know if the problem could be in the power distribution box with the fuse. My power seat still works but didn''t know if they are tied in together. Or is it in the switch controls on my arm rest... Optional Information: 2000 Ford explorer v8 Already Tried: checked the fuses Answer: If all the windows are having an issue of not going up, then it is most likely the control module(drivers door switch unit) or the window motor breaker. If it is just happening with one window ( most likely the drivers window as you use it more often) the the window motor needs to be replaced.

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  1. Hi I am having a similar problem with my 98 Expedition; were you able to fix it? Did you change the switch cluster on the drivers side door?