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Monday, February 11, 2008

Rear Brakes - Ford Tarus

I have a Ford Taurs 1993 3.0 v6, How do I replace the rear brake pads?? The center piston will not press in.
You need a special tool to turn the pistons inward .
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 1) Remove the master cylinder cap and check the fluid level in the reservoir. Remove brake fluid as necessary until the reservoir is half full. Discard the removed fluid.
2) Raise and safely support the vehicle. 3) Remove the wheel and tire assembly. 4) Remove the screw retaining the brake hose bracket to the shock absorber bracket. Remove the retaining clip from the parking brake cable at the caliper. Remove the cable end from the parking brake lever. 5) Hold the slider pin hex-head with an open-end wrench. Remove the upper rear brake pin retainer/pinch bolt. Rotate the caliper away from the rotor.
6) Remove the inner and outer brake pads from the rear disc support bracket/anchor plate.
To install: 1)Using Rear Caliper Piston Adjuster T87P-2588-A or equivalent, rotate the piston and adjuster clockwise until it is fully seated. Make sure one of the two slots in the piston face is positioned so it will engage the nib on the brake pad.
2) Install the inner and outer brake pads in the anchor plate/support bracket. Rotate the caliper assembly over the rotor into position on the anchor plate/support bracket. Make sure the brake pads are installed correctly. 3) Remove the residue from the rear brake pin retainers/pinch bolt threads, then apply one drop of Threadlock and Sealer E0AZ-19554-AA or equivalent to the threads. Install and tighten the retainers to 23-26 ft. lbs. (31-35 Nm) while holding the slider pins with an open-end wrench. 4) Attach the cable end to the parking brake lever. Install the cable retaining clip on the caliper assembly. Position the flexible brake hose and bracket assembly to the shock absorber bracket, then install the retaining screw. Tighten the screw to 8-11 ft. lbs. (11-16 Nm). 5) Install the wheel and tire assembly, then carefully lower the vehicle. Pump the brake pedal prior to moving the vehicle to position the brake linings. Refill the master cylinder.

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