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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Secret to Being Happy

'The Sedona Method is a key to happiness and is part of a wave of happiness sweeping the planet.' Learn how The Sedona Method is the secret to mastering The Secret and Being Truly Happy. A little history of the Sedona Method: In 1952, Lester Levenson fell critically ill. His doctors informed him that he had only a few weeks to live. Lester turned to the laboratory within, seeking a way to revoke his pending death sentence. What he discovered in his exploration was that by releasing his non-love feelings, his health began to improve. Continuing with this experiment, he found that over a 3-month period, he had attained not only renewed health but actually perfect health and perfect peace of mind which lasted 42 years beyond his doctors’ expectations. It was from this state of mind, as well as his working with people over a 22-year period, that he inspired the creation in 1974 of what is now known as The Sedona Method. Their mission is to support you in alleviating your physical and emotional suffering and liberating your natural inner freedom to have, be and do whatever your heart desires. They support individuals and organizations in achieving balance, success, wellness, strength, effectiveness, happiness and well-being. It would seem the key is beingness presence awareness that is present right now. The Sedona Method has proven itself to be a powerful and effective tool for both individual and corporate effectiveness and wellness. Several independent studies have confirmed its usefulness. There are several books and even a Free DVD and CD.

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