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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Ultimate Beauty

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read the title of this blog is an Awesome Muscle Car. And I immediately start looking for pictures of this Stylish Beast. We spend so much time working on our cars and keeping them clean with the occasional wax and polish that we sometimes forget about ourselves. I know I have spent more time lately working on keeping my ride clean inside and out and spend little time on myself. Well you can guess by now what I am leading up to. That's right, I am blogging about skin care ! OK, before you go running for the hills take it from a fellow car enthusiast, appearance is important. Washing your face and skin are a good thing but it should just start there. You need to do more than just wash your face and skin. This day and age with all the chemicals and toxins in the air you need to treat your face and skin. And when it comes to myself its no different than my car. I want the best there is. So I look to what the professional recommend and it has to be dermatologist-tested for me to even consider it. I have taken the time to check out the Clarifying line and looked at the products that they offer and they are in fact dermatologist-tested. In fact they are dermatologist-tested and recommended. When BORBA Nutraceuticals partner up with BORBA Cosmeceuticals your skin’s inner and outer needs get treated synergistically. Results from one enhance results from the other and vice versa. And visitors who spend $100 or more can get a $25 free gift; see details here:

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