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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Should I Pay for a Fuel Pump Repair

What is a fair rate to pay for a fuel pump repair to a personal person who is fixing my Ford 1993 Taurus ? The battery is what we thought it was because it would not start and someone is now replacing the fuel pump but I want to know what is the fair amounrt to pay for the repair to a personal repairer .
That is a good question. There are two different pumps that might be required do this will influence the price. One Requires a fuel pump with brass outlet tubes. The replacement cost at my shop for this would be : $262.50. The other type is plastic out let tubes and would cost : $337.50. These numbers include parts and labor. The labor portion is based on 2 hours at $75.00 per hour. So if you are providing the parts I would say $150.00 plus parts for a shop or $100.00 for a home mechanic.

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