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Saturday, March 01, 2008

1999 Ford Expedition Won't Start ?

1999 ford expedition, never had a problem. Won''t start, lights work, wipers-a/c-power windows all work. RADIO does not. Replace battery with new one, check fuses in both panels..still does not even engage the ignition, no click, no turning of the starter...HELP!!
Already Tried:
checked fuses, they're OK. anti-theft, wasn't much to it for this year and model. new battery. thing is all power components work off battery except engine it does not turn no clicking from solenoid, no starter noise, and radio does not come on.
First thing to check is for power on the "s" terminal of the starter( small wire ). Have someone turn the key and hold it on the start position while you confirm there is battery voltage at the "s" terminal. If you see power here, Replace the starter and all will be normal once more.


  1. I'm having the same problem with my 2000 expedition. What was the answer to your problem?

  2. Just had my vehicle serviced for a similar issue except my car would not start nor would any of the electrical components work. Had to have the alternator replaced, the battery cables secured, and the ignition fixed. Now the car starts and all electronic components function except for the radio.

  3. I have the same problem on my 2000 Ford Expedition and the radio doesnt turn on everything works.I check the fuse on the driver side and took it out then the car turn on. It could be the black square fuse that dont work.

  4. I have the exact problem as original blog any fixes? its not the alternator

  5. I have a Ford expedition 98 and the master windows switch is working intermittently. Notice that switches don't work when ambient temperature is hot. pull switch panel out and when move wires it works some times if not to hot. I believe that plastic switch housing expands with heat and internal copper contacts don't make contact.

    has anyone had similar problem and was fixed by replacing the master window switch (driver side-four switches and power lock). I check the wire terminals and they have voltage.

  6. Same problem 2000 EXPO will not start all components work except radio. Can jump it from the solenoid but radio does not work. Any help would be great.

  7. Old thread, same problem. I fixed my 1999 Expedition which had no radio and would not start. Here are some steps: 1) check voltage on 's' wire of Starter Solenoid while some turns the key. Should read 12V. If low (my reading was 1V), then you know you have upstream electrical issues. 2)Check the fuses. There are several to check. Check them for continuity, don't rely on your eyes. 3) If the fuses are good then the next is replace the TRS (Transmission Range Sensor). The part will cost $50 and is very easy to install. I looked at the original TRS and it had some water at the harness/part interface. Corrosion also present. Swapped out the part in less than 20 minutes (5/16 wrench). Make sure you install the unit while expedition is in Neutral. Align the marks on the part and bolt down. After the TRS was swapped out the Radio was back and the vehicle started with no problems. Hope this helps. FYI: The TRS is located drivers side under the expedition directly mounted to the transmission (pretty much directly under where the driver sits). Can't miss it. Black plastic with wire harness attached. Good luck.