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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air Conditioning !! Get ready for Summer

Air Conditioning Your Air Conditioning system may have been OK last year but why wait till the middle of summer to check things over. Take the time to check the system to make sure you do not have an unwanted surprise. The way I check the air conditioning system for operation is to start the car and let it reach normal operating temperature. Turn the A/C setting to "MAX" and I place a temp gauge in the center vent. Run the engine at 1500 rpm, the temp should drop to almost 32 degrees. This is optimal and where it should be. Anything about 40 degrees and we need to dig in and fix the problem now while it is still cool out. I have created a step by step air conditioning troubleshooting chart that will help diagnose even the simplest problems. Check you A/C now and stay cool this summer

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