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Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad Oil Leak - Chevy S-10

Customer Problem:
Customer brought there 1997 Chevy S-10 in with a complaint of a bad oil leak. They have added 3 qts per week. They stated that the oil would appear toward the front drivers side under the radiator assembly.
Solution and Actual Repair:
After cleaning off the underside of the oil soaked engine we started the engine and quickly found the leak at the engine oil cooling lines. This is a common issue with these vehicles. We ordered up a set of replacement lines from the Chevy dealer and swapped them out. Took about an hour. We also did an oil change and tested afterward. total cost was 237.95+tax
Repair Procedures:
REMOVE OR DISCONNECT: 1) Bolts holding lines to adapters. 2) Oil cooler lines from radiator to remote oil filter adapter. 3) Seals from adapter. 4) Clamp and bolt. 5) Oil cooler lines from remote oil filter adapter to engine mounted adapter. 6) Seals from remote and engine mounted adapters. 7) Reverse to install.


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