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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do you have a GPS system?

Making sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition, checking your tires and giving it a good once over before you go on a trip is a good idea. This can help prevent any avoidable situations that you could have done ahead of time and allows for a non-troublesome trip on the road. Now, lets take that way of thinking a little further. Lets look at the inside of your vehicle and think about spending hours in it. You will want to have the most comfort and the most visibility. So make sure you clean it out, toss out all the spare change, the window scrapper that you know you won't need and any trash that might be in there waiting for someone to throw it a way. Clean your windows inside and out along with the rear view mirrors. Now there is a new device that no longer requires your GPS unit be stuck to the windshield and blocking your view (which can be looked upon as a safety concern). This device is called a GPS Pal . It conveniently holds the GPS unit and all the wire attachments without blocking the windshield area. When not using your GPS you can insert the suction cup adapter smooth side up and store your automobile charger inside the holder. A little preparation will go a long way on to make a better trip.

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