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Friday, March 14, 2008

For the Love of Pearl

The first thing that comes to my mind would be are we now talking about pearl color paint? That beautiful color that adds that special sparkle and glimmer to just about any color of car paint. Well, we are not talking about the color pearl. We are actually talking about real pearls that come from Gulf oysters . A pearl is a wonderful gift from an oyster but hey, what if an oyster could give you gold nuggets instead of pearls or even emeralds? Now that would be awesome if you could not only enjoy the oyster as food but also actually get a real live emerald!!! Now, where am I heading with all of this what if and wouldn't it be cool if that stuff. Oysters, that is what we are dreaming about. There are so many different attributes of oysters it just amazes me. And if you check of the web site you will find many of them listed there. Oysters are the gems of the sea. These delicious, nutritious treats can be prepared in “a variety of dishes that enhance the mollusk’s natural flavor and”; are safe for everyone to eat! Listed below are a variety of different and eclectic oyster recipes developed by Mississippi State University researchers and the Mississippi State Department of Marine Resources.

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