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Friday, March 14, 2008

How do I replace the throttle position sensor

Question: How do I replace the throttle position sensor on a 1998 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 OHC w/o turbo? Answer: REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 1) Disconnect negative battery cable. Fig. 1: Location of the throttle position - 1.8L engine shown, others similar 2) Detach the electrical connector from the throttle position sensor. 3) Remove the mounting screws from the sensor, being careful not to round the Phillips screw head. 4) Remove the sensor from the throttle body. To install: 1) Install the throttle position sensor onto the throttle body and rotate the sensor counterclockwise on the throttle shaft and temporarily tighten the screws. 2) Connect the electrical harness to the sensor. 3) Tighten the retainer screws to 1.8 ft. lbs. (2.5 Nm). 4) Connect the negative battery cable.

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