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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let the Beatings Begin! - Fantasy Baseball

There is a new software available for baseball fans of all types. This fantasy baseball software launches this spring of 2008. Baseball Season is upon us so there is no time to waste. Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software is the key tool to winning fantasy baseball leagues and the key benefits of the software are: o Web based – access from anywhere o Player rankings based on Predictive Modeling by PhD scientists o Most advanced Draft assistance tool - all the data needed to make the right decision about any player o Full season roster management including updated mid-season projections via artificial intelligence o All stats, injury reports and major updates available from within software There potential payoffs for winning in a fantasy league. When utilizing internationally recognized and award-wining technology, Sports Prophet offers the most advanced predictive modeling analysis for fantasy sports players. This technology and the resulting model are exclusive to Sports Prophet. No other company in the fantasy sports market has this technology or anything close. The best thing yet is the $10 off special for using promo code BMC200 for their software. So with this special discount offer you get this awesome software that has helped me with the challenges of winning a fantasy baseball league. Use this software to put yourself ahead in the fantasy baseball league.

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