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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nintendo® Wii Sweeps+Charter High-Speed for Life

Did you spend hours looking for a place to buy a Wii this past Christmas? Well now you will have an opportunity to win one of those wonderful game consoles that everybody has been looking for. No more running from store to store trying to find the impossible. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! . For complete Action and Sweepstakes Rules go to: . That page will allow visitors to register with an e-mail address and other personal information for a chance to win a Nintendo® Wii™. The winner will receive a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable. You are ready to play, no other equipment needed. Now that you have read about a chance to win a Wii, an awesome game console, let me tell you about another amazing opportunity. This is a first time for me to ever hear of this kind of deal. The ability to bid on an Internet connection for life. How much would that be worth? I spend $540.00 a year for my Internet connection at home not to mention at my business. This sounds like an awesome opportunity and the minimum bid starts at $10.00. The opportunity to bid on receiving Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life is one worth looking into. Registration for bidding on the Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life offer will require that the visitor qualify for the offer by zip code – must be in a Charter serviceable area. Only visitors able to receive Charter High-Speed® Internet services at their residence will qualify to bid. Bids start at $10. For complete Action and Sweepstakes Rules go to:

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