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Friday, March 14, 2008

P0135 Generic 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction(bank 1 sensor 1)

Honda - Code P0135 Generic 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction(bank 1 sensor 1) Question: I have a 2002 Honda Civic 1.7L. Recently my engine light came on and I put the auto scanner to it and it says "P0135 Generic 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction(bank 1 sensor 1)". I priced the Honda dealer sensors($110 ea.) and Autozones sensors($55 ea.), so I went with autozone, and then took them to a mechanic to have them installed. Once they were installed the mechanic said that he keeps clearing the computer but the engine light keeps coming back on for the bank one sensor one, or upstream sensor. He also said that sometimes with sensors you might have to buy the Honda original sensor from the dealer instead of the aftermarket sensors, is this true? What do you think it could be? On my auto scanner in the I/M status it states MIL status on, Misfire monitor- ok, Fuel sys. monitor- ok, Comprehensive comp. mon.- ok, catalyst mon. Inc., Evap. system mon.- inc., oxygen sensor mon.- inc., oxygen sensor heater- ok, Exhaust Gas Recirculation sys. mon.- inc. I don't know if the I/M status will help you out or not. Already Tried: I replaced both oxygen sensors already with bosch autozone sensors Answer: I have seen this many times the aftermarket sensors will not work in most Honda's you need to get factory parts to fix your problem.


  1. I'm having the same problem, I bought this car a month ago I went to three places including the dealer. This will be the sixth one I've replaced, only two of them were aftermarket. The dealer had it for three days, ran some tests and everything seemed fine. That was yesterday, this morning it's doing it again. It' seems when it's a little cold out(-5C) it acts up again, I live in Edmonton Alberta I can only imagine what it's going to do when it's thirty below. I sure hope someone can help me out.


  2. make shure were you bolt the 02 sensor in that it isnt cracked alot of honds do that and it messes with the readings