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Thursday, March 20, 2008

truck keeps sputtering

Question: I was driving my truck today in the rain and the truck keeps sputtering and looses acceleration. i when i lifted the hood nothing seems like is soaked or anything. i was playing with a plug wire when the truck was running and got electrocuted. if a plug wire is in good shape can i still get shocked just by fiddling with the wire?? also i was playing around with the fuel pressure on my truck, it has a brand new delco fuel pump, i installed a fuel gage in line with the pressure line and was getting bout 10 psi, then i blocked the return line completely and it only went to 11, does this seem right?? I noticed the back of my throttle body is wet all the time, but its not coming from the fuel lines?? Answer: Your fuel pressure is fine, 9-13 psi is factory spec. No worries there. As for the getting shocked. If both ends are plugged in/connected tot he engine then you should not get shocked. Electricity follows the path of least resistance, so if one end was disconnected then it will most definitely shock you. Just fiddling with one that is connected should not shock you. You may have a faulty wire and could have been arching against the engine and causing it to run bad. Replace the wires if this is the case. And you want to replace the fuel pressure regulator if you see fuel in the vacuum line connecting to it.

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