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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Check engine light will NOT come on

I recently bought a 1998 Mustang GT convertible and in order to get it to pass inspection, I've got to get a catalytic converter and I need to figure out why my check engine light will NOT come on. Is it a burnt out bulb or is there another way to disable the light that I can undo? Is there a fuse I can check? All other lights in the acc. position light up (battery, seat belt, ABS, parking break). I know there is an after-market exhaust on the car and the previous owner had to have messed with the light since it should be constantly on with no catalytic converter, right?Any help would be appreciated, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to cars, but I'm trying to learn!!
There is no fuse related to the check engine light bulb if your other dash lights work. Just need to replace or install a new bulb in the dash. The bulb is either burnt out or it has been removed, this is the only reason for it to be out.

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  1. Previous answer is NOT correct. There are fuses that directly affect the CEL light. Also, if a ECU ground is not proper, the CEL will not come on, if there is no power to the ECU, the CEL will not come on.
    Every manufacturer has their own wiring system - check the schematics for your fuses, the locations, etc. and the procedure for ECU diagnosis.