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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

deployed both the drivers and pass airbags

Question: My 2005 Chrysler Crossfire was in an accident which deployed both the drivers and pass airbags. I replaced both of them along with the clock-spring and seat belt assemblies. Before I put the fuse back in to power up this system is there any other thing I need to do. Do not want to deploy new airbags. Answer: As long as you have everything hooked up right you should be fine. This is what the service manual says you should do: The following procedure should be performed using a DRBIII(R) scan tool to verify proper supplemental restraint system (SRS) operation following the service or replacement of any SRS component. WARNING: ON VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH AIRBAGS, DISABLE THE SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY STEERING WHEEL, STEERING COLUMN, DRIVER AIRBAG, PASSENGER AIRBAG, SIDE IMPACT SENSOR OR INSTRUMENT PANEL COMPONENT DIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. DISCONNECT AND ISOLATE THE BATTERY NEGATIVE (GROUND) CABLE, THEN WAIT TWO MINUTES FOR THE SYSTEM CAPACITOR TO DISCHARGE BEFORE PERFORMING FURTHER DIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. THIS IS THE ONLY SURE WAY TO DISABLE THE SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM. FAILURE TO TAKE THE PROPER PRECAUTIONS COULD RESULT IN ACCIDENTAL AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT AND POSSIBLE PERSONAL INJURY. During the following test, the battery negative cable remains disconnected and isolated, as it was during the SRS component removal and installation procedures. Connect the DRBIII(R) to the Data Link Connector (DLC). Exit the vehicle but maintain contact with the DRBIII(R). Turn the ignition switch to the On position. Check to be certain that there are no occupants in the vehicle, then reconnect the battery negative cable. Using the DRBIII(R), read and record any active (current) Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) data. Next, use the DRBIII(R) to read and record any stored (historical) DTC data. If any DTCs are found, Use the DRBIII(R) to erase any stored DTC data. Turn the ignition switch to the Off position for approximately fifteen seconds , and then back to the On position. Observe the airbag warning indicator in the instrument cluster for proper operation.

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