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Thursday, April 24, 2008

error code of P1824

Question: I took my 2002 Ford Explorer to the repair facility with an error code of P1824. After extensive research on their part, or so they say, they stated that the electronic shift control module needed replacing so the 4x4 high light would stop blinking on the console. We have replaced this part and the light is still flashing, after unplugging battery for five minutes to reset the computer. They cannot figure out what is wrong. Any suggestions??? Answer: Replacement of the 4WD control module does not require programming using the Ford scan tool on this vehicle. Vehicles built after 03/04/2002 with the 11th digit of the VIN being (U) or vehicles built after 03/11/2002 with the 11th digit of the VIN being (Z) require a different module than those built before these dates. The modules are not interchangeable though the harness connectors will plug into either of the modules. The modules have different internal designs. The 4WD shift module is located forward of the glove box, under the passenger side of the dash. 1. Check the resistance of the magnetic clutch coil at the transfer case measuring between terminal 16 and terminal 11 of the shift motor connection. Terminal 16 connects to a Brown (BN) wire on the harness and terminal 11 connects to a Brown/Yellow (BN/YE) wire on the harness. Resistance should indicate a reading of 2.5-3.0 ohms. 2. Use a scanner to try and command the 4WD clutch on. If this is possible, monitor the voltage on the BN wire while increasing the command on the clutch. If there is low or no voltage to the clutch no matter what the command, check the powers and grounds to the module. 3. The Four Wheel Drive (4WD) module is located behind the glove box area. A. C281a pin 1 Black/White (BK/WH) and pin 2 White (WH) should be battery voltage at all times. B. Pin 9 Violet/Orange (VT/OG) should be battery voltage with the key on. C. Pin 10 Orange (OG) should be battery voltage with the key in the crank position only. D. C281b pin 16 Grey/Yellow (GY/YE) should be battery voltage with the key in the run position. 3. The grounds are C281a pin 7 Black (BK) and C281b pin 2 Black/Light Blue (BK/LB). 4. If the powers and grounds are OK, replace the 4WD module. Be sure to get the correct module, the early and late build modules will plug in but are not interchangeable.


  1. Had same problem on my wifes 2004 Explorer, everyone said 4x4 modual.It turned out being the ground wire on the tansfer case wireing.The plug at the 4x4 transfer motor on the transfer case has a black wire that bolts to the bracket holding the wireing plug in place, check this wire.

  2. I just had the same issue, ground wire was broken off the transfer case bolt.

    P1824 - not listed in alldata

    Truck is now fixed.

    2004 Explorer 4x4

    1. Not listed in Mitchel On Demand either. I found the same problem with mine.

  3. Hello John,
    I read your question and answer post here. Your answer is good but writing is not in detail. I hope later you will write more in detail. Thanks.

  4. When that ground wire was broken off did anybody have troubles with starting the vehicle