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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Free Wiring Diagram - 1998 Lincoln Continental

Question: I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental. I am trying to sort out some electrical issues with my engine cooling fans. I know how to use a multi-meter and have experience working on cars. What I need is a wiring diagram or schematic to go by so I can fix this myself. Where can i get one for free? Answer: There are several places to get wiring diagrams. One place is by following the link to your right labelled "Automotive Wiring Diagrams" and selecting the year, make and model of your vehicle. This comes with a $9.99 fee, but includes all repair information, TSB's, color coded wiring diagrams, belt routing's and diagnostic charts just like the dealers use. Great buy for the money. If you are just needing a generic or basic wiring diagram, you can get one Free at our parent website Free Auto . I have gone ahead and posted this one hear for you to let others know what to expect. Since it is free, the requests the website receives is overwhelming and may take a month or longer to receive.

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  1. Wipers stopped working in all Low positions then would not park correctly. Now they arent working at all. Can you send me a Wiring Diagram so I can attempt to fix on my own?