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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How do you change headlight bulbs for 1997 chevy truck?

Question: How do you change headlight bulbs for 1997 Chevy truck? Answer: If you are changing the headlight bulb on the driver's side you are in luck. Open the hood and go in from inside the engine compartment. The bulb housing is rotated in clockwise, so to remove you would turn counter clockwise. (the main headlight bulb is the outside one, just trace behind it, you will find the wires and housing). Once you have it out, you need to depress the clip that attaches it to the wires and remove. All fairly easy, and you can do it without any tools. If the bulb on the passengers side goes out, it's the same process, however you will have to remove the battery and possibly the horn if it is in your way. Then it's clear sailing!

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