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Monday, April 14, 2008

How to replace idle control valve 1993 Honda accord

What is the problem of up and down idling on my motor when its became hot on my 1993 Honda Accord.
Could be one of two things. Either the IAC valve or the fast idle valve. Both are located on the intake manifold. Right next the the fuel rail. I would suspect the fast idle valve first because it controls the idle once the car is warmed up.


  1. hey man!! before you become another "bolt on mechanic" try this. if the surging happens when the cars cold, take the rad cap off, add some coolent and that should solve the prob. the ecm is getting screwed up, causing the idling to screw cause there is air pockets in the coolent system passing over the coolent temp sensor. temp sensor controls the idling on your accord to warm the engine up faster to operating speeds then it lowers the idling back down to conserve fuel. dont forget 2 important steps here 1, never open your coolent system unless the upper rad hose is cool to the touch!!2, if the coolent system is low, find the leak!! a water pump worn very badly can cause damage to your engine. hopes this helps!! ric

  2. replaced egr valve in 93 town car and pulled positive batt cable overnight. drove for 30 min the next day and chk eng light returned. What next??

  3. My 1993 Honda accord starts but when i put it in Drive or reverse it turn off. what's wrong