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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have a street rod and now it won't idle

Question: I have a street rod with a General Motors 350 engine, just replaced the (Accel) coil, coil cap, mag pick-up and control module. I have reset the air spacing. and now it won't idle. I think I should now recheck the timing but don't no what that would be. The engine is stock except for the cam and i have no idea what the duration etc. would be. where do I start. Answer: Start at 4 degrees BTDC. this is stock, then add 2 degrees(advanced) and test drive, keep adding 2 degrees until you hear it ping and back it off 2 degrees. this is the optimal timing for performance. back it off 4 to 6 degrees from engine ping for more drivable/easy to start conditions. If you have Nitrous Oxide, then remove 2 degrees for every 50 hp of Nitrous.

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