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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

knocking noise

Question: 2002 V6 Camry..had both strut mounts (rubber) replaced today but it did not fix the knocking noise when the car slowly goes over a speed bump. Sound like something is knocking on the frame...can feel it through the steering wheel. any suggestions? Answer: Strut mounts are the most common source of front end noise on late model Camry's. Were the strut mounts installed by a Toyota dealer or someone who is knowledgeable in Toyota and were the parts genuine Toyota mounts? 2 other things that need to be checked, not common but most likely if it is a low speed knock- 1-the sway bar links that connect the sway bar to the struts need to be checked for free play, these must be removed to replace the strut mounts and may be loose from improper installation or may have joint free play causing them to "pop" when the front end flexes over a bump and twists the sway bar. I would also recommend checking the rubber bushings for the sway-bar, they are located in the center of the sub-frame rear area and insulate and retain the sway bar to the frame. I checked the Toyota technical database and the only Service bulletin related to your type of noise is for the steering intermediate shaft, this will cause a pop noise when the steering wheel is moved back and forth at low speeds.

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