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Thursday, April 03, 2008

massive oil leak

Hi I have a 1996 Lincoln Continental that has developed a massive oil leak that looks like its coming from between the AC compressor and engine block. It is a hard area to see! any ideas? its definitely a pressure leak.
It may be the oil pressure sending unit. They are the only external part that carries a lot of oil pressure. It is usually pretty close to the oil filter and if I'm not mistaken the filter sits under the ac compressor. This is best viewed from underneath the car.

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  1. It is the oil filter adaptor which in mounted behind the air compressor with 4 bolts which can be viewed after the ac is lowered, just did one, there are 3 O rings one for coolant and the other 2 feed and return oil from the oil filter, This housing also has the coolant line running thru, what a nightmare, front motor mount must also be removed for access, expect to take 6-12 hrs