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Friday, April 18, 2008

Need reasonable priced outlet for fuel pumps ?

Question: Still working on my daughters 2002 rodeo (Isuzu) 2.2 4cyl. I need to > replace the fuel sending unit and can't find a reasonable priced outlet > for it.. Do you guys have any excess to them? the 8th number in the Vin # is a D.. the best price out here in Washington State is around $225.00 > because you have to buy the fuel pump/sending unit as a unit. Any > thoughts on this... any info will be appreciated Answer: I took a look at my favorite online site and found one for $206.79 @ , Just click the red button and pick your make, year, model, fuel system, fuel pump... Not a huge savings but its enough to buy lunch. I guess the engineers that designed the fuel pump/sending unit as a complete module figure if your going to bother dropping the tank you might as well replace both, so they made it convenient for you without considering the If you search : "Fuel Pump FG0289" You'll find several listings. A list of online auto parts stores to check out here. Found it for $182.46@

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