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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can I replace the air conditioning compressor myself

Question: 1996 ford F150 5.8ltr extra cab - Can I replace the air conditioning compressor myself and run the motor without it being charged just to take it somewhere to get charged. I was quoted 1000.00 to fix it and kragen has the compressor and accompanying parts for about 200.00? Answer: Warning: A/C systems are under High Pressure. Take all safety precautions when servicing the system. You most certainly can replace your compressor yourself. The compressor will not kick on until it is filled with freon. Also, ask the parts dealer if the compressor comes already filled with oil... If it does not, be sure to tell the repair shop that is going to re-fill the freon. Keep in mind most auto parts places require you to replace the accumulator and orifice along with flushing the system in order for the warranty to cover the new Compressor. For Diagnosing your A/C system and recharging


  1. i am trying to replace the ac compressor on my 2001 hyundai sonata how would i do it

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