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Friday, May 09, 2008

Got Curtain Cling?

We have all been looking for new inovative products to make our life easier. For example the Adjustable Wrench, Vise Grips, the TV Remote.... you get the picture. Many of us are out there looking and waiting for new products to present themselves while others do all the creating and thinking. Well pay close attention, cause I'm about to tell you about another simple device that can be added to the list. The best thing is that it is inexpensive as well. It the all new ShowerBow! What the heck is a Shower Bow? Weighing less than 2 lbs, it safely expands any standard curtain on any standard rod, even tension rods. Just be sure that your current rod is properly installed. ShowerBow installs in seconds. It just snaps onto your existing rod. It is a simple counterweight that tips out (without lifting the curtain from the tub) and holds the curtain away to create more space at elbow and knee level. Then, it tips back with just a nudge, so unlike curved rods, it won't crowd the rest of the bathroom. And because ShowerBow works inside the curtain, it is practically invisible from the outside.

ShowerBow was developed by first time inventor Patrick Raymond, who invented it one day while standing in the shower. Why put up with clingy curtains, he wondered? Start the day off right with more space, instantly.

Unlike a curved curtain rod, the ShowerBow tilts back into the tub area with a gentle push, getting it out of your face in a small bathroom with the toilet close to the tub. When I first installed one, in minutes, the light shower curtain liner pushed out too far: no problem, another couple of minutes and I converted over to the included "short" ShowerBow tilt for the weight. Very well thought out! The end of the bow that snapped into the tilt was even labeled with which side went in first. So much easier than using bottles to hold the liner from billowing into the shower and that extra space is great. I can finally turn and face the shower head with rubbing elbows with rubber. Sponsored by ShowerBow

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