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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Replace Front Brake pads and Rotors ?

Question: I have a 2003 Ford Mustang V6. I need front brake pads and rotors. I would like to know how to replace the front brake pads and front brake rotors myself. Can you help me? Answer: Step by Step Front Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement need to be followed to ensure that your brakes will NOT squeal when your job is completed. Follow the link for step by step instructions that include actual photos taken during a front brake job performed on a 2003 Ford Mustang. The basic idea is to remove the pads and rotors, compress the caliper piston, lubricate where needed and reinstall.


  1. I have been working on my brakes. Last weekend the rear brakes went fine. job went real well after I went and got some liquid wrench. Anyways, yesterday I started on the front brakes and I finally got everything back together. I had issues with the pins on the back sides of the pads. They are getting hung up on the pistons of the brake system. After I finally got everything back together, I took it for a drive around the block. Upon arrival home the front brakes were extremely hot and lightly smoking!! What did I do wrong? Everything seemed to fit together smoothly... These are ceramic pads and regular replacement rotors from NAPA Auto Parts. Other than these things being manufactured in China, i dont see what the issue is... Help?!?! Suggestions?

  2. Step # 11 at

    Insure that you have cleaned the oil/coating from the rotors before installing them. If you did not replace the rotors, then no worry there.

    Make sure you did not install one of the pads backwards(it happens) then test drive till the brakes get hot, jack front end and see if just one side is hot. If just one side is hot, eithere the caliper or caliper hose needs to be replaced. I suggest replacing both to be on the safe side.

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