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Monday, May 26, 2008

I need the IMRC - Code P1358

I need the IMRC for a 1998 Lincoln continental and Ford says I need an IMRC. And Ford says they don't make the part anymore. What should I do?
Generally the hose is what breaks. Watch the video (follow link) below for a great explanation. This is a different vehicle but still applies to your issue. Example Video of explanation the pipe color is blue, this can be seen (on my engine) on the left hand side of the manifold below the primary battery fuse box, towards the back. it can be pulled off. the pipe (blue) shares its rubber boot with another pipe. the way I checked to see if i could open the manifold flaps (rails) was to put a plastic drinking straw into the rubber boot leading to the blue pipe and suck on it. Doing this I could hear the flaps snap shut when i stopped sucking( all this without the engine running). If you can hear them moving then there is a problem with no vacuum. If they do not move then it will be a big strip down, lower manifold off to get to them. Sometimes they build up carbon and stick and just need to be cleaned. If you actually need the part, you are looking at contacting salvage yards in your area.

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