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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I tried replacing my front brake pads

Question: I tried replacing my front brake pads and passenger side rotor. I bleed the brakes and replaced them the same way I took them off, but now the front brakes aren''t working at all and the brake lights and other lights in the car are on. I have to push the brakes to the floor to get them to stop and it feels like its just not catching. My car is a Nissan Armada 2005. What did I do wrong? Answer: You do not need to bleed brakes when just replacing pads and rotors. More than likely you bled them wrong. You should take it to a local garage and have them bled properly and all will return to normal. The reason your foot goes to the floor and the lights are on is there is air in the system. Bleeding the brakes properly requires two people. One to pump the brake pedal and hold it down while the other releases the pressure from each caliper and tightens it back before the pedal is pumped again. This is done until no air comes out, just fluid And requires a constant eye on the reservoir to make sure the fluid level stays full during the entire process. One wheel is to be done a t a time and you start with the furthest wheel away from the master cylinder. Again, have it done. It is cheaper than if you run into the back of a car.

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