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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Windshield wipers to stop on my 1995 Honda Accord

Question: I can't get my windshield wipers to stop on my 1995 Honda Accord. I just leave the fuse out when I don't need to use them. Already Tried: Replaced switch on column Answer: There is an article in the '00 July issue of Honda Service News about the wipers coming on key on: Unplug the Intermittent Wiper Relay below the under-hood fuse/relay box and see if the wipers stop. If so, wiggle the intermittent wiper relay and replace the relay if it rattles. Check if the intermittent relay clicks as it is unplugged. If yes, either the Green/Red wire is shorted to ground or the integrated control unit is holding it to ground and will need replaced.

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