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Saturday, June 14, 2008

How do I remove and replace the sideview mirror

How do I remove and replace the side view mirror on the driver's door of my 1996 Ford Expedition? There are no visible nuts or bolts.
Open the drivers door and behind where the mirror is, remove the cover( should just snap in and out, you might need a flat edge) then remove the 3 10 mm nuts, be careful when removing the nuts that they don't drop down into the door. If the mirrors are powered you will have to remove the door trim panel to access the electrical connector. Also be careful that the mirror does not drop down and hit the door when you remove the nuts.

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  1. A BIG THANKS for the info. I was able to remove and replace the side view mirror by myself. I had no idea that the door panel had to be pulled out a little bit, and wiggle my tools and fingers to gain access to the screws that attached the mirror. I DID IT! And I'm a female.