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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toyota Sienna Fuel Injector leak problem

Question: Hi, just wondering how would I fix a problem. One of the fuel injectors in the front engine of my 2000 sienna LE is leaking slightly fuel from a mistake I made. I mistaken them to be the "back" spark plugs and lifted the bar holding the 3 front fuel injectors up accidentally and discovered that they''re not the spark plugs. When I put them back on, after changing all the spark plugs (which is a royal pain), it was leaking fuel. Do you have to put some kind of sealant around the injectors so that it wouldn't leak? if so, what kind of sealant should I use? And is this something I can handle or should I take it to a shop? Please advise. Hopefully I didn't damage it or the bar. Answer: What has happened is the oring around the top of the Injector is rolled over or is pinched. DO NOT try any sealers of any kind! Remove the bar and check the o rings on all of the injectors sometimes you can save them. If it is nicked or damaged you can buy just the oring at any Toyota dealership. I would recommend replacing all of them and the base seals that the injector seats to in the intake manifold. When installing put a (light coating) of silicone or some type of lubricant, none oil based, on the o rings. Install the injectors into the rail then install the three injectors and rail unit into the NEW oring/seals in the head as an assembly. You will find it much easier this way.

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  1. Yes, I just made the same mistake a few hrs ago. Mine is leaking gas also. I will try buying the o rings and the base seals. I am not sure I can do the replacing but I will try.