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Monday, July 21, 2008

2003 suzuki xl7, O2senser problem, service engine soon

Question: I have a 2003 Suzuki xl7, O2senser problem, service engine soon light came on, it read #1, o2sensor circuit, no activity, bank 1 sensor 1 po#134 mod$0i #2 po134 o2 sensor no activity, bank 1 sensor 1, able to clear, but it comes back on in about 30 to 40 miles Answer: Not much diagnosing can be done without having a scan tool that can read the data from the oxygen sensor but, the oxygen sensor is more than likely not responding to the oxygen content in the exhaust and the only repair is to replace it but first make sure all fuses and the oxygen sensor relay is good, you can just swap the relay with another on, also unplug the sensor and make sure you have 12v and ground going to it, if so replace the sensor. the number 1 oxygen sensor is the one before the catalytic converter.


  1. Bank 1 = Passenger Side
    Bank 2 = Drivers Side
    Sensor 1 = Before Cat (Closest to Engine)
    Sensor 2 = After Cat (Furthest from Engine)

    Use extensions, swivles, and impact wrench to get them out (Specificaly Sensors Before Cat they were a PAIN), get a 7/8 Deep Socket (The Socket with the slit in the side will not help you remove the sensors but instead will make it tougher by rounding them out)

  2. Sorry to piggy back on this question but on the same 03 xl7, is there a way to disable or turn off DRL daytime running lights? I would like to limit power usage when starting the car.

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