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Friday, July 18, 2008

98 Escort and drives great except when coming to a stop

Question: I have a 98 Escort and drives great except when coming to a stop and it will just about shake the fillings out of your teeth. My only remedy so far is to put it in neutral when i have to come to a stop. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Doesn't miss-fire and no other problems other than the shaking. Already Tried: Replaced spark plugs, oil, oil filter, air filter, had the front rotors turned, balanced and rotated the tires. Answer: It could be that the exhaust system is in a bind, and it is vibrating because it is not able to move freely. To remedy this would require loosening all points of the exhaust mounting and the connection to the exhaust manifold, then while loose the engine is rocked back and forth and allowed to settle (it works better if the engine mounts are also loosened to allow the engine to settle into a natural position where it is not bound up either). This process is called "neutralizing" the engine and exhaust. If the shaking is still present, it may help to replace the motor mounts. But there will always be some amount of vibration at idle on a four cylinder. Some cars are more prone to vibration than others, because the body of the car can sometimes resonate in tune with the frequency of the normal engine vibration. Compare the feel to another Escort with the same body style and engine to get an idea what is normal.

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